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Insolvency Asset Bank

  • Interesting assets on sale across sector and sizes i.e. Hotel, Hospital, Power, Textile, Food Processing of every size.
  • Shortlist your asset as per your preferences regarding Sector, Sale, Location and debt size.

Every Investor is broadly interested in sector and product description of the corporate debtor, location of plants/office and size of acquisition. We have identified information related to above parameters in table below. Size of acquisition will be discovered via resolution process. However, sale of corporate debtor, secured claims etc. can give tentative idea of the operations of the company and acquisition size and Investor can decide whether the target will suit his pocket. So Investors can short list asset as per their preferences below. In case, you find it difficult to view the same on mobile, please click on this link Asset List.

Asset bank


The investor group will explore only those opportunities where the is no conflict of interest due to the company, it’s directors, it’s associate concerns & their partners or Directors being involved in their capacity as Insolvency Professionals, Valuation Professionals or Consultants in any other capacity.