Budgeting & Cost Management

A budget, as we know, is a financial plan. As with all plans it relates to the future and depends to a great extent on forecasts, predictions and targets. Having drafted financial plans in the form of budgets, the real challenge of business is to operate within the budget parameters, and that is, containing expenses within the constraints of cost budgets and to generate income which achieves revenue targets.

The thriving business environment in India has undoubtedly earned high profits and impressive revenues over the years. However, keeping in mind of high costs incurred due to logistics, unexpected expenditures and the external environment, the challenge is maintaining budget management that has a strong balance in allocating resources, drive and track revenues and project accurate cash flows. More importantly, by implementing a clear cost control structure, cash crunch situations can be diffused. Forecasting tools then comes into play to seal the deal, further setting an organization in a class of its own.

When it comes to project management, budgets should firstly be assigned based on well-researched investment opportunities. It should clearly define what is funded, to match expectations to resources. Thus, even if a company is making profits, it might be still sending negative signals to a shareholder, for instance, when returns are lower in relation to the capital used.

At the effective forecasting, budgeting and cost control training, the executive delegations will understand the full spectrum of crucial techniques in various segments across all non-financial industries. The executive delegation will also receive vital inputs on best practices used to improve on the overall budgeting system.