Corporate Reporting Systems or MIS

Reporting more comprehensively on important non-financial assets can often improve the valuation of your company in the capital markets. AAA research shows that investors and analysts consider financial reports by themselves to be of limited use in determining a company’s prospects. That shouldn’t be too surprising—management itself doesn’t rely solely on financial information in running its business. Your company’s brands, market share, customer retention levels, and intellectual capital are of intense interest to investors.

How AAA can help you

AAA can assist organizations that need to ensure the quality and credibility of internal management information and external disclosures and, in particular, non-financial indicators. Our professional leadership on issues related to non-financial performance reporting, has not been limited to simply advocating reform. Instead, AAA helped pioneer the concept and practice of non-financial performance reporting with the development of ValueReporting—the most comprehensive and robust approach to reporting transparency available in the marketplace.

  • Private or public assurance on non-financial information
  • Advice on changes required to support comprehensive and reliable management information
  • Assessment of your external communications
  • Advice on how to articulate your company’s value
  • Benchmarking of external communications against global peers
  • Support for the development of a short and long-term communications strategy

Setting up of Inventory Systems

Implementation of Tally ERP