1. He should be well experienced to handle a team in a particular area.
  2. He should be skillful enough to meet any banker for new empanelment, new cases or case to case discussions or to sort any issue relating to our payment or complain
  3. He will have to travel to his allotted area for at least 14-16 days a mon In case of short tours, salary may be deduction for short days travelled in a month.
  4. It is  the  utmost  duty  of  the  RM  to  clarify  the  associates  about  his  financial arrangement and the policy of the company regarding reimbursement of expense
  5. The bills of the associates should be approved promptly, as per COMPANY POLICY and ADJUST their previous imprest before giving next advance.
  6. RM must play instrumental role in the following:-
  • taking new cases,
  • helping the associates in difficult cases,
  • support the associate in every manner
  • getting the DM orders,
  • taking physical possession,
  • case-to case discussions/ reporting to the bankers.
  • releasing the old critical bills

So as to encourage the associate by releasing their SHARE/SALARY/EXPENSES in time and thus playing vital role in overall growth of the company.


  1. To give daily work to your associates, by mentioning the same in their WHATS APP GROUPS daily, and to keep monitor on their daily working
  2. To check whether regular reports are being sent to the banks, on the basis of regular working reports of the associate
  3. To check and approve attendance of your staff diligently on ATTENDANCE SOFTWARE
  4. To attend the calls of associates/bankers and solve their daily issue
  5. To PLAN a FOCUS AREA on DAILY BASIS and to complete the following tasks in that particular area in one day:-
  • Discuss all cases with associate & guide them next action
  • Update the correct status of the cases in RECOV.
  • Discuss status of each pending bills with the associate
  • To call to banker to verify progress of each case, and also pursue them to release our bills
  • update the marketing sheet of that area.
  • to attend & solve the daily operational issues
  • write the pending bills/reports in the operators’ drive

Eventually plan to discuss & update 150-200 cases per week.


  • Discuss the each case with banker, update the progress and seek instructions for further action in each case.
  • Discuss the pending bills and request for its early release.
  • Visit in those banks where no case or no empanelment, for empanelment and case Please meet the higher bank official like DGM/AGM, give presentation about company and its experience in the field, submit profile with applicationand request for empanelment and work.
  • Visit the properties of high value cases (>50 Lacs) to know their status & Meet the borrower so as to make the recovery strategy according
  • Visit the DM office / Police authorities if associate is facing any difficulty in getting DM orders & police help and matter is being delay
  • Meet our advocates whom we assign the job of getting DM orders.
  • Visit the properties who are currently put to auction to know probability of its sale and to meet prospective buyers of proper

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